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Zulu Panda

Returning to the 2019 Bro-Tel Backyard Festival, Zulu Panda is folksy charm and raw passion, delivered with an outstanding live presence. Hailing from Vancouver BC, this indie-rock singer-songwriter performed and recorded in every province and territory to commemorate Canada's 150th anniversary. His music combines heartland rock with grunge while maintaining a pop sensibility. He is a troubadour of sound, stage and beard.

"Zulu Panda Recorded an Album With Different Musicians and Producers in Every Province and Territory" - Vue Weekly


In the last couple years, Zulu Panda has worked with producers from coast-to-coast-to-coast to record three distinct albums: the cross-Canada recording project known as 13 Canadian Love Letters, a compelling studio rock album entitled Power On! and a live album called Live at Junction City Music Hall. What’s more, he has performed across Canada extensively and even toured in China and the United States.


Motivated by the success of his debut studio EP Two-Way Street (Not War) in 2016, Zulu Panda has set out to be weird and emotional in a way that feels exciting and powerful. His dynamic sound is matched nicely with warm melodies and Dylanesque storytelling. He energetically provides moody lyrics wrapped in a candy coating of Rock & Roll.

"Langara Grad Turns Singer-Songwriter Certificate 

Into Folk-Rock Solo Project." - The Voice


Zulu Panda began his pursuits as an independent singer-songwriter in 2013 after the release of his self-produced full-length album, Hope All Abandoned. That year, he was named semi-finalist in the international 'Song of the Year' songwriting contest and graduated with top marks from Langara College's Singer-Songwriter Certificate Program. His plans for the future include co-writing a musical adaptation of a 1980's action movie as well as touring more of North America, Asia and Europe.

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