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John Hewitt
& the New Americans

John Hewitt is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and filmmaker based out of Edmonton Alberta. In March of 2020 John’s Alberta debut was set to be released titled “American Hotel” but the pandemic brought all motion to a halt. Focussing on the studio and songwriting he continued to produce, write and record throughout 2021. coming up with material for 2021’s “Dead Lovers” and “Hollywood Reality” and 2022’s “Life Blood & Tears”. In that time he produced in his studio local Edmonton acts including Will Ryan’s “Way on Down the Mountainside” and Angie Klein’s “Made in Alberta”. 2022 saw the return to the road where John performed across Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Montana, Utah and Colorado. Highlights include the Canmore Folk Festival, Wild Oats & Notes, Waynestock, the Whitefish Songwriter Festival (Montana), Black Rose Acoustic Society (Colorado), Millwoods Canada Day Celebrations, Waterton Opera House, Gallery House Concerts, the New Moon Folk Club, Northern Lights Folk Club, Lethbridge Folk Club and Nickelodeon Folk Club. 


John continues to tour and between tours he continues to  produce local Edmonton acts including his own works “Life Blood & Tears: Vol. II” and "Broken Rebels" Set to be released in June 2023.

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