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Bro-Tel Backyard Festival Policy and Procedures

We want everyone at Bro-Tel Backyard Festival to have a good time. To achieve this goal, we need everyone to be respectful of everyone around them, including – but not limited to – abiding by the following rules: The County of Two Hills, Mime-Light Theatre Society, The Derwent Bro-Tel, and Volunteers are not liable for any injuries or loss of property. 

General Safety:

-For safety reasons the organizer reserves the right: to interrupt or discontinue the festival; to prevent visitors from leaving the festival grounds until further notice; to ask visitors to leave the festival grounds; to refuse visitors admission to the festival, even if they possess a valid admission ticket.

-Any person(s) found to be in possession of a weapon will be immediately evicted from the event without refund, and subject to a criminal investigation.

-ABSOLUTELY NO fighting, threatening behaviour or inciting of hatred. Any person(s) found committing any of those behaviours to other festival attendees or festival staff will be required to leave Festival grounds.

-All festival attendees are liable for any injuries incurred on festival grounds. Serious injuries requiring medical personnel must be addressed in an appropriate manner to insure safety of all participants. Do not administer first aid treatment if you are not appropriately trained.

-Vehicles are to remain on roadways and in camping stalls or designated areas for the duration of the festival. Vehicles are not permitted in pedestrian areas unless otherwise requested by the festival organizers or staff.


Gate Control:

-The Gate will remain closed at all times unless there is a volunteer present to sell tickets or check wristbands.

-Policy will be available at the gate.

-Gate will be closed for the night from 1am-9am (TBD)

-Festival attendees will not enter through the gate without express permission from festival organizers or volunteers.

-Payment must be made at the gate, or you must have proof of early admission. No entrance will be granted without payment. There will be no “rain-checks” or refunds granted at any time.



-Quiet time will be 1am-8am, campers must return to their sites and remain quiet for the sake of those sleeping.

-Provided there is no fire ban, campers may have a campfire in their designated fire pit and will not be required to extinguish it at any time, provided there is at least one camper present to tend the fire, and there are no noise complaints from adjacent campers.

-All campfires must have 1 or more person(s) attending the fire at all times, or the fire must be extinguished.

-Unattended fires will be extinguished when found by festival volunteers.

-Please ensure that cigarette butts, cigars, and pipe tobacco are disposed of in an appropriate manner, either completely extinguished in a container or in a fire pit. Do not dispose of hot cigarette butts, pipe tobacco, cigars, or other tobacco products in public trash bins.

-Night security will be posted around the stage and other essential areas.

-Festival Attendees must be compliant with night security personnel, as they are present and responsible for the safety of all person(s) on festival grounds.

-Generators can run anytime outside of the designated quite time


The Lake:

-We do not recommend that anyone enter the lake over the course of the weekend. Any persons that do-so will be personally liable for any injuries incurred.

-The County of Two Hills, Mime-Light Theatre Society, and The Derwent Bro-Tel are not liable for any injuries caused by those in or near the lake.


Stage and Musicians:

-There will be no jumping on or off of the stage: any persons that do so will be liable for their actions/injuries.

-No festival attendees will be permitted on the stage unless they are given express permission or are playing the open mic.

-No festival attendees will be permitted behind the stage in the green-room without express permission.

-Artists must be determined sober before they perform.

-The County of Two Hills, Mime-Light Theatre Society, and The Derwent Bro-Tel are not liable for any injuries caused by the performers or by activities surrounding the stage.


Alcohol and Beer Garden:

-Personal Alcohol is permitted in personal camping stalls and in the camping area exclusively. Only alcohol purchased and consumed in the beer gardens is permitted in the stage area.

-All event attendees will be carded at the entrance to the beer-garden and will be given a wristband for ease of future entry.

-Only government-issued driver’s license or ID card containing a photograph and date of birth will be considered valid ID for entrance to beer gardens. -Wristbands must be checked upon re-entry to ensure that they are still using the original glue and are therefore still on the same person. DO NOT tamper, stretch, cut or alter your wristband in any way. Altered wristbands will be invalid -There must always be at least 1 volunteer acting as a bouncer at the entrance of the beer garden; more bouncers will be posted as necessary, likely later in the evening.

-In accordance with Alberta law, all bartenders working behind the bar must have their pro-serve in order to open a drink and serve it. Volunteers who do not have their pro-serve may ID patrons, clean the beer-garden grounds and tables, and help out behind the bar as long as they are not handling open alcohol.

-The County of Two Hills, Mime-Light Theatre Society, and The Derwent Bro-Tel are not liable for any injuries or illness caused by food or beverage purchased or consumed during the duration of the festival.


Illicit Drugs and Illegal Substances:

-Illicit drugs and illegal substances are not permitted at any point throughout the duration of the festival.

-Festival staff and/or organizers reserve the right to search persons or camp stalls at any time for any reason throughout the duration of the festival to ensure the safety of all patrons.

-Festival organizers reserve the right to remove any unattended illegal substance from festival grounds without direct approval from the owner of said substance.

-Festival organizers reserve the right to contact the authorities, including but not limited to the County of Two Hills RCMP at any time during the festival at their own discretion.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation with the aforementioned rules and regulations for the Bro-Tel Backyard Festival 2024

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