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General Outline for Kitchen and Concession Crew:


  • Minimum three people per shift

  • Typically divided into four 2-hour, or two 4-hour shifts over Friday, Saturday, and sometimes one morning shift on Sunday.

  • 6-9 total volunteer positions available



  • At least one person on shift must have a cell phone in case of need for contact

  • Minimum one person should be running the concession at all times, if one person has to leave for an errand or a bathroom break, another volunteer must stay in the concession.

  • Must have a general knowledge of the festival's policies and procedures.

  • Kitchen volunteers must have on-site training in safe food handling policies.

  • Must attend a training and orientation session at festival location on Friday Aug 16 at 3pm



  • Taking orders / selling merchandise and completing transactions with cash or credit or debit. (Square is used for all transactions)

  • Cooking burgers and hot dogs with use of the industrial grill (training for use will be provided on site)

  • Cooking fries with a deep fryer (training for safe use of fryer will be provided on site)

  • Keeping kitchen is a state of cleanliness (Using health and safety measures)

  • Keeping a good stock of concession materials on hand, and restocking when needed (this may include washing and cutting vegetables)

  • Keeping a record of all items sold through concession (a device will be in the concession for this)

  • Serving food items in a timely manner



  • This shift is more or less divided into two responsibilities: cooking food, and/or processing transactions

  • For the sake of efficiency, it is best practice to have one person do the cooking portion, and the other deal with transactions during a shift.

  • Duties within a shift can be rotated at intervals if needed

  • It should be mentioned that this is one of the more physically demanding tasks. As well at times it can get pretty warm by the grill. (we will try to have fans to keep the air flow through the food prep area)

  • Because of the size of the room where food is prepared, it is probably best if only one person is in there at any given time.

  • In order to keep flies down to a minimum, a general practice of cleanliness needs to be carried out. This means that no uncovered food should ever be left out, cooking utensils are cleaned regularly, and doors/windows are generally kept closed.

  • During the busy times it will be required to have many orders being prepared at the same time. It is important that volunteers working this shift can deal with multiple things all at once.

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