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General Outline for Beer Garden Volunteers:



  • Minimum three people per shift (unless capacity of beer gardens increases)

  • Typically divided into four 2-hour, or two 4-hour shifts over Friday and Saturday.

  • There are two different duties that happen each shift, one person at the entrance of the beer gardens checking ID's, and two selling tickets and serving alcohol.

  • 9-12 Volunteers required over the weekend


  • AGE: All beer garden volunteers must be 18 years or older.

  • PRO SERVE: All persons working in the beer garden must have their pro-serve

  • At least one person on shift must have a cell phone in case of need for contact

  • three people must be manning the beer gardens at all times, So if one person has to leave for an errand or a bathroom break, you must contact the volunteer coordinator for a replacement volunteer while you are gone on your shift

  • You must have a general knowledge of the festival's policies and procedures (especially regarding the beer gardens).

  • Must attend a training and orientation session at festival location on Friday Aug 16 at 3pm


Beer Garden Duties:

  • Periodically check for wrist bands, and check that they are valid. (a firm tug to see if they were cut.)

  • If a person entering doesn't have a beer garden wrist band check ID to make sure they are 18. Minors may still enter the beer Garden until 11pm. Of course no minor will be given a beer garden wrist band, and thus can't buy alcohol.

  • Count patrons as they enter. By default only 100 people may be in the beer gardens at anytime.

  • Keep eye on patrons. Respond to, and/or report any irresponsible behavior

  • Ensure nobody leaves beer gardens with their drink


Bar Counter Duties:

  • Sell drink tickets to patrons with beer garden wrist bands. (cash or credit. A device will be at the beer counter for credit card transactions)

  • Pour drinks or serve opened bottles for patrons with wrist bands who provide drink tickets.

  • Keep eye on patrons. Respond to, and/or report any irresponsible behavior


  • You may switch duties within your own volunteer shift from garden entrance to bar counter.

  • Bar tenders have a greater responsibility than most other volunteer positions, you must ensure that careful management is carried out so that patrons are not receiving free drinks, and that patrons are not drinking too much. Any overly intoxicated patron will not be sold any drinks.

  • You are also not permitted to drink any alcohol while on shift, and must be completely sober when performing your shift.

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