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General Outline for Security:



  • Two people per shift

  • Typically divided into 4-hour shifts, through Friday and Saturday at various times (including through the night)

  • 8 total volunteer positions available



  • Both Volunteers on shift must have a cell phone in case of need for contact.

  • All security volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Security must be completely sober on shift, and the hour leading up to their shift. No drinking while on duty is permitted.

  • Must have a general knowledge of the festival's policies and procedures.

  • Ideally individuals should have some experience or training in security duties, however there will be some training will be given on site.

  • Security volunteers must be good-standing citizens with no criminal history.

  • Must attend a training and orientation session at festival location on Friday Aug 18 at 3pm.

  • First aid training is an asset, but not necessary as we have first aid responders on site.



  • During concerts at least one security crew member must be present at the stage.

  • At intervals they must take a walk around the grounds checking:

    • Stage Area

    • Gate Entrance (which is closed and locked at midnight each night)

    • Camping Areas

    • Lake

  • In checking these areas you are looking for any suspicious activity, unruly persons, or anything out of the ordinary. If any of these things are found, investigation is required with appropriate action to follow where needed.

  • Respond to any gate requests (there will be a number posted at the locked gate to reach security volunteers if the gate needs to be opened or closed for good reason).

  • If any campsite if found to be too loud, or if any other campers make a noise complaint, security at night will remind the noisy campers of festival camping policies.

  • Night Security must respond to and report any emergency that arises during the night.

  • There will be a trained professional head of security on site, any volunteers working security will report any large security matters to the head of security.



  • Of all volunteer duties this one carries the most responsibility.

  • We don't expect any problems to arise during the night, however night security would be the first line of response to anything they may arise.

  • Due to the nature of the festivals location, it is impossible to fully secure the stage area, and pavilion. It is necessary to have round the clock eyes to keep an eye on things to avoid any occasion of theft or other suspicious activity

  • This is a more physically demanding task as it is a three hour shift through the dead of night. Volunteers on this shift must be awake and fully alert. It is recommended that volunteers on night shift  bring some form of light entertainment that doesn't distract too much in order to avoid boredom and fatigue.

  • It is strongly recommended that volunteers on night shift take a nap and or good rest/sleep before their shift begins, and then have a full sleep once their shift is over.

  • Night time shifts can be chilly so please bring warm wear.

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