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General Outline for Gate Crew:



  • Two people per shift

  • Typically split up into four 2-hour shifts over Friday and Saturday.

  • 6-8 total volunteer positions available



  • One person on shift must be 18 years or older.

  • At least one person on shift must have a cell phone in case of need for contact

  • One person must be manning the table at all times, So if one person has to leave for an errand or a bathroom break, the other must stay at the table.

  • Must have a general knowledge of the festival's policies and procedures.

  • Must attend a training and orientation session at festival location on Friday Aug 16 at 3pm



  • Stopping and welcoming all who enter the gate

  • Checking to see if participants have registered via eventbright, have special printed tickets, or if they already have their wrist band (if the latter you may let them enter).

  • If they have not previously bought an admission, you will be charging people at the gate for admittance.

  • Handling cash or processing credit card transactions (There will be a device at the front gate for this use).

  • Attaching wrist bands to those who have paid for entrance (different colors for either a day pass, or weekend pass).

  • Refer participants to the Policies and procedures of the festival (a copy will be available at the gate if they wish to read it).  specifically point out these points:

    • Drinking policy

    • Sound curfew

    • Personal responsibility

  • Show participants the festival map: specifically point out:

    • Stage Area

    • Showers

    • Camping areas

    • Parking Areas

  • Offer power and water camping sites, and take payment if they decide to reserve a spot.

  • Hand out one festival program per group. If they specifically ask for another you can give it to them.



  • After the initial rush of people coming to the gate, this shift can be a little slow at times. it is recommended that your bring a book or other form of entertainment for yourself.

  • Water will be provided for volunteers at the gate

  • There will be a small pavilion which will provide shelter from the sun

  • Note there may only be a limited source of power at the gate

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